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Jake & Dinos Chapman
New Art Up-Close 3
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Jake & Dinos Chapman (New Art Up-Close 3)

The acclaimed British sculptors and printmakers, Jake and Dinos Chapman, are the subject of the third title in our New Art Up-Close series.

The book features 32 carefully selected illustrations of artworks spanning the Chapmans' career, including their disturbing early mannequin pieces, the epic 'Hell' project, and their more recent reworkings of Goya's etchings and large bronze sculptures. Also included are less-familiar works, as well as images of early sculptures that have since been destroyed.

The interview with the Chapmans focuses on their working methods, their intentions in using such controversial material, and, ultimately, their understanding of the purpose of art itself.

The book also includes a short biography and further reading list, as well as explanatory notes covering the Chapmans' influences and the ideas that lie behind each featured work.

Author:   David Barrett
Format:   Paperback; 48 pages (32 colour); A6 (148.5 x 105mm)
Series Editors:   Lucy Head and David Barrett
Design:   Graphic Thought Facility
ISBN-13:   978-0-9546365-2-4
Published:   September 2007

About Jake and Dinos Chapman

Jake and Dinos Chapman gained notoriety with their provocative and intelligent artworks as part of the 1990s 'young British artists' generation. Their first major solo show in a public gallery - 'Chapmanworld' at the ICA, London, 1996 - presented their infamous mannequin sculptures to a wide audience. Their distinctive combination of highly skilled production techniques and rich theoretical reasoning quickly brought them acclaim within the international art world.

In 1997 the Chapmans' work featured in 'Sensation' at the Royal Academy, and the same institution's millennium exhibition, 'Apocalypse', was conceived around their large-scale sculpture, 'Hell'. In 2003 they were nominated for the Tate Gallery's Turner Prize, and Tate Liverpool held a major mid-career retrospective of their work in 2006. Both brothers currently live in London and continue to make work that is as troubling as it is compelling.

Read an exclusive interview with Jake and Dinos Chapman

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Who are the Chapman brothers? Those unfamiliar with the pair's intentionally stomach-turning aesthetic should start here. Small but perfectly formed, this series (former subjects are Gary Hume and Gavin Turk) squeezes more of an artist's career into 48 pages than you'd think possible, and a thorough list of further readings point the budding art aficionado in the right direction.


- Art World magazine


A brilliantly conceived series.


- ArtNewsLetter


An innovative and eloquent primer on artists whose work you may wish to explore further ... ideal for artists or art students seeking inspiration or affirmation.


- The Guardian